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Elevating the Average Garage

Updated: Feb 6

Trails End Custom Construction takes immense pride in not only crafting exceptional homes but also in seamlessly expanding and enhancing our clients' living spaces. In our latest triumph, we had the privilege of adding a two-story garage to a home we recently built, offering practical solutions and an aesthetic finish.

An Extra Parking Spot and a Workshop Haven: Our clients envisioned a garage that went beyond conventional expectations. The first story was designed to accommodate an additional car seamlessly while allocating ample space for a workshop.

Parking, Perfected: In a world where parking is often a premium, we optimized the first story to seamlessly accommodate one more vehicle. Our design philosophy revolves around convenience without compromising on aesthetics. The result is a parking space that seamlessly integrates into the overall architectural appeal of the property.

Taking Advantage of Basement Storage: The lower portion of this garage is a masterclass in utilizing space effectively. Functionality meets sophistication as we crafted a spacious storage area. Whether it's seasonal decorations, outdoor equipment, or sentimental items, this storage space provides a secure and organized solution for our clients' belongings.

Architectural Continuity: Harmony with the existing structure was a priority throughout the design and construction process. The two-story garage seamlessly integrates with the home we previously built, creating a visual symphony that resonates with architectural continuity.

Quality Craftsmanship from Foundation to Roof: Trails End Custom Construction prides itself on delivering structures built to last. From the robust foundation to the intricacies of the roofing, every aspect of this two-story garage reflects our unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Client Satisfaction Beyond Measure: Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients. The completion of this two-story garage is not just a testament to our construction prowess but also a celebration of the joy and convenience it brings to the homeowners.

We were glad to add some functionality for our previous clients with a two-story garage that seamlessly integrates into the narrative of a home we built with care and dedication. If you're considering expanding your living space or adding a unique touch to your property, let Trails End Custom Construction be your partner in turning dreams into architectural reality.

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